About Sophior

As a deritave of Sophiornithidae or wisdom birds: In the mythology of ancient Greece, Athene, the Goddess of Wisdom, was so impressed by the great eyes and solemn appearance of the Owl that, having banished the mischievous crow, she honoured the night bird by making him her favourite among feathered creatures. Athene's bird was a Little Owl. This Owl was protected and inhabited the Acropolis in great numbers. It was believed that a magical "inner light" gave Owls night vision. As the symbol of Athene, the Owl was a protector, accompanying Greek armies to war, and providing ornamental inspiration for their daily lives. If an Owl flew over Greek Soldiers before a battle, they took it as a sign of victory.

Sophior stands as the vision and knowledge you might require to complete your dreams or projects. This could be about architectural and technical aspect or the need for analytical or lead services for any software related project.

Sophior provides you with the required in the form of consultancy ranging from idea-conception, planning, resource provisioning, structural organization (SCRUM, canban), analysis, architectural design to software solutions and implementations.

Since the industry is highly agile and undergoing constant evolution we aim to stay current and have the dynamism to keep up with new trends. Keeping a fresh mindset to study and apply new paradigms. As every individual has fields of experience, we utilize our global networks for experts outside of our field of action shouldn’t we be able to deliver the most appropriate solutions ourselves.

Even though Sophior BVBA has only been founded in 2013, the driving force behind it, Tim Van Laere shows a proven track-record in the industry with international connections (Chicago, London, Belarus, Lithouania, Brasil, South Africa and Israël) over different industries. These range from PCI-compliant companies, multinationals, consultancy companies and advertising bureaus. As an all-rounder, Tim has produced, analyzed and modified software systems of wide variety in different company cultures in different languages, using different methodologies.

In short – Sophior will do everything to take care of or providing you the wisdom and expertise you require for your software systems; whether directly or indirectly.


Sophior BVBA
De Keyserlei 58-60 bus 19
2018 Antwerpen

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